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Who we are

Use strength to tell you am the most trustworthy brand.

  • YLD company not only have own equipment for making molds ,and also have more than 1000 sets good mold. 20 expanded metal mesh advanced equipment and 20 perforated mesh sheet advanced machince and more than 50 Hi-tec talents techinical excellent workers,and High quality material.We all Ready to produce your orders at any time

Anping Yilida Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. an experienced

an experienced manufacturer of high-quality steel



Anping Yilida Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufac turer of high-quality steel grating, wedge wire

Quality Control

Trust us,we will try our best to supply you the excellent product and satisfactory service.

Quality Control

The material is from Baosteel, Capital Steel etc. large steel factory, make sure thematerial standard content, with goodtoughness, not broken, keep long time.Every customers' material will makerecord, ensure unity for every order.

Punching with new mold

During the product progress, the mold will bebroken, we will make sure use the new mold toavoid the product deformation, nicks and burrs.Control the quality at the first productprogress, make sure good quality.

Super flat mesh surface

After the big flaten machine the mesh surface willbe fattened like the mirror, very beautiful.We have the biggest width(400mm) flattenmachine, meet the leveling effect of big sizemesh.

The smallest tolerance

We have sophisticated hydraulic cutingmachine, can cut size as customers' requeststrictly. Different cutting machine suitable for differentthickness product

Beautiful and strong packaging

The package we use moistureproof, AntirustAnbreakage packing material and type.The special package got the high praise fromour customers.

100%Pass rate

Our professional quality control staff will do 100%inspection as standard technical and process.Every good inspection records and filing orders for the next order preventive measures. .

Our News

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