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Why the metal mesh can shield electromagnetic wave?

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1, the electromagnetic wave by varying the electric field and magnetic field changes the composition, the changing magnetic field generates an electric field, changing electric field produces a magnetic field, both are indispensable, otherwise we can not spread.
2, the metal mesh material is a conductive metal, when the electric field in the air around the metal mesh is formed due to a short circuit conductive metal, undermining the formation of an electric field (ideally conducting medium resistance is zero, the electric field is short-circuited completely disappeared).
3. Based on the above two points, the electromagnetic waves arrive after the metal mesh region, the electric field disappears, it can not continue to generate a magnetic field, thus cutting off the electromagnetic wave continues to spread.
4, if the metal is a closed system, the electromagnetic waves can not enter the closed system, thus forming a shielding effect. If the metal is not a closed system, due to the diffraction effect of electromagnetic waves, or electromagnetic waves to bypass some of the metal into the net, then the shielding effect is difference.
5, in fact, if the metal mesh is not grounded, the electric field in the region after arrival, it is still capable of an electric field to the earth formation, the formation of a new electromagnetic wave, therefore, grounded metal mesh, better shielding effect.


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