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Why stainless steel mesh corrosion cracking

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Stainless steel net is generally said that it will not be corroded, but there is no absolute. Stainless steel mesh corrosion fracture is in stress and corrosion environment should also under action of corrosive fracture, generally speaking, stainless steel net in the corrosive environment by the applied stress, it will accelerate the corrosion rate. The simplest is the two factors of the superposition effect results, in a certain corrosion environment, metal material from stress, corrosion effect, when under a certain stress, although by stress sometimes far below the limit strength of the stainless steel net, the calendar for a period of time, even on the ductility good stainless steel net will break. This destruction is often without any warning, the damage is very serious, often catastrophic.
  There are three essential conditions for stress corrosion cracking,
  1, special environment, 2, must be the role of tensile force; 3, stainless steel mesh itself is poor.


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