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The main distinctive features of the gabion

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Gabion, by definition, with stone and mesh relationship is closely related to the economy. Just a stone cage net installed seal enough. This technique is simple and convenient, saving transportation costs, saving special materials. It can be folded up anytime, anywhere, and then place the scene pulled the required operation can be completed. Therefore, the state and the people recognized, is a practical price strong defense system.
Gabion in natural disasters, human unpredictable and do not stop and resist natural disasters have a strong preventive effect, landscape mudslides, because she can make a triangle or questions, piled into a solid dam. Used in the more dangerous and steep slopes, governance mudslides, landslides played an important role. In a wide range has a strong capacity, while still not collapsed.
Of course, the gabion has a very good permeability, which can prevent the damage caused by the hydrostatic.


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