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Specification and advantages of steel plate mesh?

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Steel mesh specification models are generally need to show that stem wide, thick stems long pitch, or within a short pitch length of the hole. The same long-pitch, or within a short pitch length of the hole, a thick stalk stem width can have a variety of specifications, the same width stalk stem cells also vary in thickness.
General professional terminology refers to the network of steel sheet metal stretching network expansion, after the metal plate processed into a mesh network, the area becomes several times or even several times. After the general professional terminology punching punching board network area of the same raw material, if only by material that steel mesh material may be a metal mesh, perforated plates can also be a network.
Steel mesh-shaped small, generally diamond-shaped scales, hexagonal, but no tensile steel mesh processing waste, but if the customer needs a special look at the overall size will be cut off, so the cost is low. The hole punching board network basic shape of what can be done, but can only sell raw punching down waste, so as production costs mesh opening ratio, punching board network is higher.


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