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Seven point parameters of the stone cage net

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(1) Gabion Aperture: 60 * 80mm, 80 * 100mm, 80 * 120mm, 100 * 120mm, 120 * 150mm
The length of the gabion in which double stranded portion of not less than 50mm. To ensure that the twisted part of the metal coating and PVC wire coating from damage.
(2) Gabion wire diameter: gabion wire diameter in three - wire mesh, edge wire, tie wire
1. Scope of Gabion mesh in 2mm-4mm
2. Gabion edge wire mesh is generally greater than the crude 0.5mm-1mm
3. Gabion generally less than tie wire mesh, common to the majority of 2.2mm
(3) wire tension: not less than 38kg / m2 380N / mm
(4) Gabion surface treatment
1. galvanized. The amount of zinc up to 10g / m2. Poor corrosion resistance
2. The hot-dip galvanizing. The amount of zinc can be up to 300g / m2. Corrosion resistance strong
3. Where Gore (zinc-aluminum alloy). Such two types of material, zinc -5% aluminum - rare earth alloy steel, aluminum, zinc mixed -10% rare earth alloy steel wire. Superior corrosion resistance
4.PVC plastic bag. Plastic bag general thickness of 1.0mm thickness, for example: 2.7mm after the package is 3.7mm. Strong anti-corrosion
(5) Gabion off: in the long direction of the gabion of a partition on each Mega
(6) Gabion Size: Can be customized
(7) Gabion aperture, the wire diameter control range


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