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Renewable aluminum industry development of

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In the configuration used in the metal industry, recyclable aluminum is the highest, regeneration efficiency is greatest. Due to the high corrosion resistance of aluminum, aluminum, except for certain chemical containers and means substantially non-etched aluminum product during its use, almost all can be recovered. Recycled aluminum and actual energy consumption does not exceed 5% of the energy consumption of electrolytic aluminum. So scrap recycling and regeneration is a huge benefit of energy-saving projects. From 2013 the US Geological Survey released data show that the United States in 2012 the amount of 3.4 million tons of recycled aluminum, 53% of the waste generated in the production process scrap, 47% from aluminum-containing waste products; recycled aluminum products accounted for the entire market total aluminum consumption an amount of 35%.
Our country is one of the largest aluminum producing and consuming country in the world, but due to the constraints of energy conservation, resource constraints and other factors, so that it can develop into a bottleneck. And because of its environmentally friendly recycled aluminum is also more and more people's attention.
China secondary aluminum industry started relatively late, in the late 1970s was initially formed shape, but it was weak industrial base, the development of small-scale recycled aluminum. Until the 1980s, driven by strong demand for aluminum in China's secondary aluminum companies have launched a large number of small-scale renewable aluminum and family-owned enterprises such as the rapid growth mushroomed. Since the 1990s, foreign investment into China secondary aluminum industry, aluminum scrap recycling aluminum imports and exports scale has expanded each year, China's secondary aluminum industry began to pick up the pace with international standards of recycled aluminum industry.
With the rapid economic development and resource conservation environmental protection an urgent requirement, China's secondary aluminum industry has developed rapidly in recent years, recycled aluminum production by 2002 to 1.3 million tons in 2010 to 3.8 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 21.37%. And a rapid increase in production of recycled aluminum scrap imports matches from 2002 to 447,000 tons in 2010 to 2,853,500 tons, an average annual growth rate of 59.82%. Recycled aluminum scrap imports accounted year yield rose from 34.38 percent in 2002 to 75.09% in 2010. Domestic scrap recycling in 2002 to 64 million tons in 2010, 1.06 million tons (metal content), the average annual growth of 7.29 percent. The new batch of reproducing higher aluminum companies generally invest a starting point, large-scale enterprises, more advanced technology and equipment, from the traditional model to the family cottage scale business enterprise paradigm shift.
Recycled aluminum low energy consumption, stable development of the automotive industry, demand for recycled aluminum support, low degree of industry development prospects. As the state support for the secondary aluminum industry, its advantages will become more apparent development of the industry reflected. The steady development of downstream automobile industry, demand for aluminum support regeneration are more obvious, generally speaking, the prospects for the development of renewable aluminum industry more optimistic.


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