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Metal decorative wire type and use

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Metal decoration net introduces kinds of decoration engineering metal decorative line: copper alloy line stainless steel metallic decorative strip line closing line pressure edges.
1 aluminum alloy line
Aluminum alloy line is to add manganese, magnesium and other alloy elements, extruded and into the bar.
1 features: aluminum alloy lines with light, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high stiffness and so on. The surface after anodic oxidation coloring process, there are all kinds of bright color, light and weather resistant performance is good, the surface can also coated with robust and transparent electrophoresis coating, coating is more beautiful, applicable.
2) use: Aluminum Alloy lines can be used for decorative surface pressure lines, white lines, and decorative painting, decorative mirror frame edges. In the billboard, the light box, the display board, the indicator board is used as the frame or the frame, in the wall or the ceiling surface as the sealing line of some equipment. Aluminum Alloy lines are used for furniture on the edge decoration line, glass door sliding groove, closing line carpet.
3) specifications: several Aluminum Alloy lines are Jiaxian, frame lines, closing lines of carpet. The corner line is divided into two equal and unequal.
2 copper alloy line
1 Characteristics: copper alloy line is made of copper alloy, which is made of high strength, good wear resistance, no rust, where the surface after the processing of gold yellow luster.
2) uses: copper alloy line line is mainly used for ground marble, granite, terrazzo block surface of the spacer line, stair treads slip line, carpet compression angle line, decorative columns and high-grade furniture decorative line and so on.
3 stainless steel line
1 Characteristics: the line has high strength, corrosion resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, rub resistance, and the characteristics of climate change. The surface is smooth as a mirror, decorative effect is good, is a high-grade decorative materials.
2) use: stainless steel lines for various decorative surface pressure line, closing line, line column angle etc.. There are two main types of corner and groove.


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