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Development trend of steel plate net

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Expanded Metal is a metal mesh in a variety of industries. Also known as expanded metal, diamond mesh, iron mesh, expanded metal mesh, heavy steel net, foot net, punching plate 'aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh, granary network antenna network, filter mesh, audio net.
Steel net mainly for civil engineering batch of cement, machinery and equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-end speaker grille. Highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belt protection. Heavy expanded metal can be used for tanker foot net, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives, ships, such as working platforms, escalators, walkways. Can also be used for construction, highways, bridges reinforced to do with. Now that the science and technology to further improve the technology, steel net not only in the metal plate processing, but also for paper manufacture is a good material paper filter.
Development of steel net has become an unstoppable momentum, breadth of applications is constantly expanding. With the increase in demand for steel net will have many implications, including increased competition and industry production enterprises, but also will lead to expanded metal mesh towards developing the following aspects:
1, lower production costs, research and reliable, simple, stable production technology
2, further research protection of steel net, steel net to make life longer, corrosion and weathering ability.
3, steel mesh and further develop applications in various industries.
4, establish a sound, simple, fast, reliable sales channels.


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