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Characteristics of steel grid plate

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The manufacturing of steel grid plate is flat arranged according to punching mold, each contact point bar and flat steel welding firm. The finished product of the steel grating, and then in accordance with customer requirements for hot dip galvanized, galvanized steel, spray paint surface treatment. Steel grid plate widely used, and now the market demand for steel grid plate is very large. Based on the advantages of steel grid plate: 1 material saving: under the same load conditions, the most provincial materials, the corresponding, can reduce the supporting structure of the material. 2 reduction of investment: the province of materials, labor, provincial construction period, free of cleaning and maintenance. 3 simple construction: in the installation of support with bolts or welding national fixed, one person can finish. 4 save time: the product is not required to process, and the installation is very rapid. 5 durable: before delivery to hot-dip galvanizing antiseptic treatment, resistance to shock and stress ability in modern style: beautiful shape, design specification, ventilated and pervious to light, to give the overall smooth modern feel. 6 the structure is light: the material is few, the structure is light, and easy to be lifted. 7: reduce drag due to good ventilation, windy wind resistance, reduce wind damage. 8 dirt: no rain, snow and dust. 9 ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-skid performance good design is simple: no small support beam, has the advantages of simple structure, simplified design; no need to design a steel lattice plate detail, stating only types can be, the factory can be designed on behalf of clients row in figure. 11 acid and alkali corrosion ability: in the range of PH 6 to PH 12.5, the surface of the zinc layer forms a stable protective film, which has good corrosion resistance.


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